the AWAKEN of the Analogue Computer

A group of researchers long interested in Analogue Computation is planning An Instructive Action in Azores, during the UC 2009: the "awakening" of the Analogue Computer (CHANDRA's project).

This project is of museologic and scientific interest (namely for those researchers still working on the GPAC model or with more modern models like the EAC).

We are discussing with electronic engineers the possible "awakening" of an Analogue Computer (GPAC like) as conceived in the sixties or later on.

As part of this, we invite readers to provide information about their experiences with analogue computers. We are especially interested in learning about Analogue Machines (GPAC like) that may be still in use in industry (and some are). Any information you can send to James M. Nyce (jnyce(at)rocketmail(dot)com) or José Félix Costa (felixgomescosta(at)gmail(dot)com), would be much appreciated.


the EAC (Extended Analogue Computer)

Jonathan MILLS from Indiana University will bring to UC ' 09 two of his EACs, together with a user's manual describing suitable experiments to be performed with the analogue computer by the participants.